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Address: 16021 Adelante St
City: Irwindale
State: CA

Country: United States

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Mee Industries helps its customers meet tougher indoor air quality (IAQ) standards more cost-effectively than other humidification methods on the market today. We empower our customers with feature rich high-pressure humidification (adiabatic / evaporative cooling fog system) solutions that dramatically save energy and cut costs while meeting today’s more stringent indoor air quality requirements. MeeFog can help you eliminate the humidification variable while meeting your stringent indoor air quality requirements by introducing closely monitored humidity into your facility. Maintaining proper humidity levels in paper warehouses and press rooms ensures dimensional stability for proper registration and optimum ink transfer conditions for improved repeatability and higher production speeds.

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Mee Industries Inc Mobile-Mee, Mee Industries Inc

Mee Industries Inc Mobile-Mee

The Mobile-Mee is a portable disinfecting fogger system used indoors or outdoors for spraying any water-based chemical solution. It’s unique multi-nozzle spray head and more than 20-foot spray distance allows one operator to do the work of 10 operators using other spray systems. Mounted on a rolling cart with a five-gallon solution tank, the system can be easily maneuvered. The system can be used with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency- (EPA) approved virus-fighting solutions to disinfect.

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Mobile-Mee, Mee Industries Inc


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For over 50 years Mee Industries Inc. has been the leader in high pressure fogging. With the COVID-19 crisis, we recognized the possibility of applying our technology to surface disinfecting. We're offering the Mobile-Mee at a special introductory price of $3,950, discounted from $5,650!

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