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City: Oak Creek
State: WI

Country: United States

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About Zund America

Zund America is the U.S. sister company of Zünd Systemtechnik, the family-owned Swiss manufacturer of digital cutting systems. For more than three decades, Zünd has been the world’s leading supplier of modular, single- and dual-beam, multifunctional and highly adaptable cutting solutions for applications ranging from custom manufacturing and prototyping to high-volume digital production. Suitable for graphics, packaging, and many other industrial applications, Zünd cutters can process a wide range of materials with specialized tooling, various levels of automated/robotic material-handling, and exceptionally efficient digital production workflows.

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Cut more for less with Zund America, Zund America

Cut more for less with Zund America

Zünd special cutter promotion: G3/S3 cutting systems for POP, textile, and packaging applications, are now available at unprecedented prices and very favorable financing & delivery terms. Reach out to one of our in-booth staff for details, or email us at infous@zund.com, to receive a personal quotation and schedule a virtual demonstration. Discover how you can cut more for less with the Zünd package deal that’s perfect for you!

PrimeCenter - Digital Print-To-Cut Workflow, Zund America

PrimeCenter - Digital Print-To-Cut Workflow

PrimeCenter, developed in cooperation with Caldera, is a Zünd software solution that simplifies file preparation and output, allowing users to configure their workflows–from design to print to cut–with the level of automation that best meets their needs. Designed to maximize material yield and eliminate errors, PrimeCenter enables easy, efficient, and flexible workflow management. This is especially beneficial in web-to-print production with significant volumes of short runs.

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