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About Tilia Labs Inc.

Founded in 2012 by the next generation of software developers, Tilia Labs is a Canadian-based software company developing Artificial Intelligence for estimating, planning, and imposition across the packaging, labels, commercial, and wide format printing markets. Their portfolio of easy-to-use products delivers a seamless interface between MIS and production by automating prepress tasks, maximizing media usage, and reducing press downtime. For more information visit tilialabs.com.

tilia Phoenix
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The Next Generation of Estimating, Nesting, and Layout
Tilia Labs flagship product, tilia Phoenix, is powerful layout nesting and ganging software with a wide array of applications from wide format to commercial print, labels, and packaging. When applied to wide format print workflows, tilia Phoenix provides printers a better, faster way to estimate jobs and generate print layouts.

By modeling a printer’s production environment -- presses, stocks, costs, and constraints -- tilia Phoenix’s award-winning Imposition A.I. generates numerous possible nested layouts and sorts them by cost-effectiveness -- reducing overall job material waste and time on press.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Planning
Estimating digital cutting times for quoting and scheduling has forever been a challenge for wide format printers. This new collaboration gives tilia Phoenix users unprecedented new insight into printing and cutting times well before a job hits press. This information is invaluable for accurate job estimation, more efficient production planning, and the most cost-effective print layouts.

tilia Phoenix’s innovative Imposition AI tool takes the guesswork out of print production imposition and planning. Imposition AI knows your production equipment, production costs, stocks, printing plates, and set-up times to find the optimal way to run your job using award-winning Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

tilia Griffin
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Tilia Griffin is the industry most simeple true-shape PDF nesting software for minimizing material waste. Built on Google® Material Design platform, tilia Griffin drag-and-drop interface will improve speed-to-press and reduce material waste by up to 50%.

tilia Aries
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Tilia Aries is new native PDF step & repeat tool built just for labels. Built on Google® Material Design platform, tilia Aries drag-drop-and-snap interface will reduce errors and speed up time-to-press. Built for Mac or PC, the simple user interface is easy to learn, easy to use, and speeds up prepress by up to 400%.

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Tilia Phoenix - Zund IoT Cut Time Integration, Tilia Labs Inc.

Tilia Phoenix - Zund IoT Cut Time Integration

Nesting gets even smarter with the release of tilia Phoenix 7.0. In collaboration with open-technology provider, Zund cutting systems, Tilia Labs has brought to market the industry‘s first internet-of-things (IoT) enabled estimating and layout solution.

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