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About RISO Inc

RISO, Inc. provides high-speed inkjet printers and accessories for Transactional, Production printing and In-Plant environments. Focusing on productivity, cost containment, and versatility, RISO provides compact, high-volume cut sheet inkjet printers that outperform similar output devices in a fraction of the space. RISO’s printers, such as the ComColor FW series, bring fast, environmentally friendly and affordable color printing to educational and office environments, while the ComColor GD series and the Valezus T2100 offer cut-sheet inkjet output at speeds of up to 320 PPM. RISO sets the industry standard for devices with the fastest output, the smallest footprint, and the most cost-effective operation. RISO printers easily fit into tight mailrooms, mail centers and print shops, and do not require dedicated power or HVAC considerations, utilizing 110V power and generating no heat. Inkjet can coexist on your print floor alongside your current toner and/or offset devices, offering a perfect complement of Ink on a digital platform.

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VALEZUS T2100 Full Color, High-Speed Cut Sheet Inkjet Printer, RISO Inc

VALEZUS T2100 Full Color, High-Speed Cut Sheet Inkjet Printer

The first product of RISO’s new brand, the VALEZUS T2100 connects twin printer engines to achieve a blazing-fast double-sided printing speed of 320ppm. The VALEZUS offers a compact footprint for a production printer, as well as superior ease of use and maintenance. Now in its 15th year of producing ground-breaking innovations in inkjet printing technology, The VALEZUS T2100 is RISO’s sixth generation of inkjet printers, offering fast, affordable, environmentally friendly cut sheet inkjet output.

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