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About PDAA

For years, the PDAA certification program has been the only certification not tied to any vinyl manufacturer. The testing has been rigorous, and the nationwide listing on "Find an Installer" has been the gold standard connecting end-users/customers with this installer group.

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Vehicle and Fleet Wraps badge, PDAA

Vehicle and Fleet Wraps badge

This certification will test an installer’s ability to manage any vehicle wrap project, including the rivets found on many box trucks or trailers. Testers will demonstrate their ability to properly install vinyl on a vehicle with minimal stretch. They will also demonstrate their ability to properly clean and prep any surface, wrap rivets with minimal tenting, the ability to cut vinyl without cutting the surface below, and will have passed a rigorous online test.

Architectural Films badge, PDAA

Architectural Films badge

Designed to test that an installer has the skill set, the knowledge of industry terms and the proficiency with all the tools necessary to install any type of standard architectural film in a typical industry setting (retail stores, trade shows, banks, offices, etc.). Some of the testing stations will include, Acrylic station, Knife Control station, Flat Wall Mural station, Round Column station, Floor Graphic station, and Wet Application Window Graphic station.

Paint Protection, PDAA

Paint Protection

Designed to break down the key components for the Restyling Protection Industry (RPI) where the testers will focus on color change vinyl wrapping and shop operations for a color change installation company.The objective of this basic level badge is for the testers to understand the difference of a color change vinyl operation to a standard vinyl application facility – the different techniques, training and skill set needed for success.