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Address: Via dell'Elettronica n°5
Address 2: Via della Fisica n°6
City: Thiene
State: VI

Country: Italy

Zip: 36016

Phone: 39-0445-364619

About Monti Antonio S.p.A.

A world leading maker of machines for a variety of manufacturing sectors – most importantly, textiles – the history and success of Monti Antonio has been built on two essential pillars: thorough and continually updated knowledge of the market, and first rate customer care provided by a steadily expanding sales and service network. The company has always invested in technology and organizational logics that allows it to obtain high qualitative standards and the necessary flexibility in order to realize personalized solutions for the customer

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Monti Antonio S.p.A. 91-3600, Monti Antonio S.p.A.

Monti Antonio S.p.A. 91-3600

Calender for transfer printing, reactivation, "crush" heatsetting. CYLINDERS WIDTH - EXTRA LARGE SIZES : mm 3600 - inch 141,73 mm 5400 - inch 212,59